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 Paloma Valverde
Dr.Paloma Valverde
IABMR Board member (2002-present)
IABMR Vice president (2004-present)
Assistant Research Professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Instructor of General Biology at Wentworth Institute of Technology
Research Scientist at Boston Biomedical Research Institute

Contact Information (email preferred)

paloma.valverde@tufts.edu or valverde@bbri.org
Phone: 617-658-7850 (lab)


1990 B.S. in Biochemistry University of Murcia, Spain
1991 M.S. in Biochemistry University of Murcia, Spain 
1994 Ph.D. in Biochemistry University of Murcia, Spain

Research Focus

I am interested in developing therapies to treat cancer and bone loss by using as therapeutic targets key components of the signaling pathways of potassium channels and receptors.
       1) Currently my laboratory is optimizing new membrane permeable peptides and antibodies specifically designed to regulate signaling pathways that play dual roles in proliferation and apoptosis (Example: Differential targeting of WW45/Salvador signaling pathway in bone cells and cancer). 
       2) In addition my laboratory collaborates with academic groups of the Boston area to develop preliminary data for grant applications and start-ups companies in the cancer and bone-loss fields (Example: Use of the dual mTORc1/mTORc2 palomid529 in breast cancer; Use of anti-leptin receptor peptides as anticancer agents; Differential regulation of the WW45/Salvador signaling pathway in bone cells and cancer).

Teaching Focus

I am interested in the development and implementation of learning technologies to improve graduate and undergraduate education in the areas of chemistry, biology and physiology. Syllabi, Power point presentations of lectures and lab descriptions are available upon request. 
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