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 2010-2011 IABMR Activities

Link to 2010 IABMR Committees

IABMR 2010 Career Symposium

The Forsyth Institute
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Committee: 2010 Member Symposium Committee

IABMR 2010 Summer Retreat
Place: TBA
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Committee: 2010 Summer Retreat Committee

IABMR 2010 Annual Meeting
The Forsyth Institute
Date: TBA
Committees: 2010 IABMR-Forsyth Event Committee

Annual Meeting includes three major events:

  IABMR 2010 Scientific Symposium
: 2010 Scientific Symposium Committee

  IABMR 2010 Poster Competition
  Committee: 2010 Poster Competition Committee

  IABMR 2010 Vendor Show
: 2010 Fund raising Committee

IABMR 2011 New Year Party
Place: TBA
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Committee: 2011 IABMR New Year Party Committee

Calendar Overview:

IABMR Events:
(IABMR events are marked in blue and purple; red are US holidays, see legend below calendar)
April, 2010 1st Board Meeting
May, 2010 Career Seminar
Aug, 2010 Summer Retreat
Oct, 2010 2nd Board Meeting
Nov, 2010 Final annual meeting preparation
Nov, 2010 Annual Meeting
Jan, 2011 New Year Party

2010-2011 Calendar

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