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  2005 IABMR Annual Meeting Abstract Submission Form for Poster Competition
 Oct 26, 2005 by: george
IABMR Poster Session Application Sheet
Name of Presenter:

Abstract (Max. 250 words): (Including Title, Authors and

Presentation Preference:		
____ Oral presentation  		
____ Poster 
Are you member of IABMR? 
____ Yes			
____ No		
What is your research area?		
____ Cancer	
____ Angiogenesis 
____ Signal Transduction
____ Immunology	
____ Bone Biology
____ Microbiology
____ Developmental Biology
____ Other,	describe:

Presenterís contact information
Daytime phone number:

Deadline: November 25th 2005. 
E-mail to paloma.valverde@tufts.edu
  Please Join us to the 2005 IABMR Summer Retreat on August 20th, 2005
 Aug 03, 2005 by: george

Dear friends,

You are warmly invited to the 2005 IABMR Summer Retreat . This annual event is a great chance to improve the quality of our daily life as well as the academic one by taking time off our busy schedule to enjoy the sereneness of the park, to renew aquaitance with old friends as well as making new ones. So don't miss out this great opportunity!

Place: Hopkinton State Park. Meet in the parking lot at the end of Dogwood Dr. (click the park map below for detail location)

Directions: Hopkinton State Park is located in the greater Boston area.Rte. I-495 (north or south) to exit 21A, Main Street Hopkinton. Travel on Main Street until the third traffic light located at the heart of downtown Hopkinton. Turn left, traveling North on Route 85. Proceed approximately 2 miles to the Hopkinton State Park entrance on the right (do not enter the Field Office on the left). Click here for an interactive map.

($5 entry fee is required at the gate for vehicles)

Date: Saturday, August 20th, 2005 (Rain date: Sunday August 21th, 2005)

Time: 11:00am-dusk

Fee: Free to all. On-site membership application will be available. Online membership application is available here.

Style: Potluck picnic and sports (swimming, fishing, volleyball, badminton, frisbee, etc). You are welcome to bring your own sporting equipments.

For more information about the Hopkinton State Park please visit these web sites:

Please address questions to Yumei Zhan by e-mail: yzhan@iabmr.com or by phone call at 617-667-0406



  Five board members newly elected.
 Jul 28, 2005 by: george
Summary: In our recent board meeting, 5 new board members were elected to join our board. Congratutations and welcome!
  Future IABMR Activities - Summer Retreat, Annual Symposium, New Year Party, etc.
 Jun 14, 2005 by: george
Summary: 2006 Summer Retreat:
Saturday, August 20, 2005
Retreat activities and location will be announced soon.

2006 IABMR Annual Symposium:
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005 (Tentative date)
Symposium theme and speakers will be announced soon.

2007 IABMR New Year Party:
To be announced.
  Global Venture Forum, Osaka, Japan, Sep 12-13, 2005
 Apr 21, 2005 by: george

Global Venture Forum, Osaka, Japan, Sep 12-13, 2005

A letter from Mr. Hideki Mitani
Attached is a PowerPoint file with detail Information.
  Expanded uses of IABMR Forums
 Apr 21, 2005 by: george
Summary: In our recent board meeting, many board members supported the idea of using the IABMR Discussion Forum for the following suggested purposes:

Career Resource: Position open, seeking jobs

Expertise Resource: Ask questions how to do an experiment..a protocol; share your experience and tips; this is a good way to find collaborators

Recycle Center: For example I have some old equipments I am trying to get rid of, but perhaps someone needs them somewhere

Members Lounge: A place to introduce yourself and introduce for other members; share personal news among members such as relocation, promotion, new jobs, baby news etc.

Publication: Announcement of members' recent publications. This could potentially increase the opportunity colloboration.

Separate forums have been created for the above topics. Please feel free to use these potentially useful resources. The more we use it the better and more information it will have. Just click on the above topics to view the content.

Note that although the Forums are publicly viewable, you have to log in n order to post messages in these Forums.

Two easy ways you can get started:

  1. Send an email request to info@iabmr.org and mention you want to attend the IABMR Discussion Forum. A user account will be created for you and you can log in immediately.
  2. 2. You can also register and create your own account on the web; or reset your password by yourself. Just click here.


  Search IABMR Member Database
 Jan 31, 2005 by: admin
Search IABMR Expertise Database :
  2004 IABMR New Year Party
 Jan 25, 2005 by: admin

IABMR 2005 New Year Party

The Forsyth Institute
140 Fenway,Boston,MA View Map

Sunday, January 30, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

IABMR (http://www.iabmr.org) will hold a 2005
New Year Party
on January 30th.
You are warmly welcome to the Party.

  • To have fun, to meet and know more people including new President and
    new members of IABMR both for your academic and daily life.

  • Feel free to bring your families and friends.

  • Potluck, free for all and just bring one dish with you.

Looking forward to meeting you.

  IABMR business card design - we need your opinion
 Jan 24, 2005 by: admin

In our last board meeting, Jake made a suggestion of using IABMR business cards. I have designed some templates as below. If you have any comment or suggestion on the design, please join the discussion at our Discussion Forum.

Design A - Front with top logo and watermark logo in blue text:

Design A - Optional Back with watermark logo in blue text::

Design B - Front with top logo and watermark logo in red text:

Design B - Optional Back with watermark logo in red text::

Due to the limitation of IABMR budget, individual members have to pay for their own business cards. However we will provide the design template for free. If you would like to have your own IABMR business cards, please send a request to George Chen (tchen@forsyth.org) with your personal information to be included (e.g., your name, title, contact info etc) and i will paste it into the design and either send you a graphic file that you can use to order by yourself at any business card design company (e.g., OvernightPrints.com ); or I'll be happy to place the order for you (in this case you can pay through IABMR's online payment system - PayPal). Remember this is just a proposal and you are not obligated to do so.

George Chen

  Poster competition awardees and their posters
 Dec 14, 2004 by: admin
Summary: As a part of the program of the IABMR annual meeting of December 2nd, there was a fantastic poster competition with participants from different institutions of the Boston area. The first prize (a digital camera donated by Optical Analysis Corp.) was given to Dr. Xinsheng Zhu from Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His poster showed that the over-expression of the calcium-binding protein sorcin improves cardiac excitation-contraction coupling in normal and failing ventricular cardiomyocytes. Dr. Zhu’s poster was impressive not only for the high scientific quality of the data but also for its great organization and presentation. The second prize ($100) was given to Dr. Yumei Zhang from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Her poster showed through convincing animal experiments, immunohystochemistry and reporter assays that Ets-1 is a critical transcriptional mediator of Angiotensin II-induced vascular inflammation and remodeling. Third prizes ($50) were given to posters presented by Drs. Wei Chen and Yucheng Wang from the Forsyth Institute. Dr. Wang’s poster was about the generation of an osteoclast specific cre transgenic mouse that can be used to generate osteoclast gene conditional knock-outs. Dr. Chen’s poster on the other hand, demonstrated through animal studies and recordings of muscle and heart functions that haploinsufficiency of ZNF9 is the cause of myotonic dystrophy type 2, one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy in adults.

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