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  Our Sponsors
 Nov 30, 2004 by: admin

Platinum Sponsors:

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

Bronze Sponsors:

  Please register for 2004 IABMR Annual Meeting and Symposium
 Nov 12, 2004 by: admin
Summary: Program Announcement and Registration
  Please join us to the 2004 IABMR Summer Retreat
 Aug 16, 2004 by: admin
Summary: You are cordially invited to join the 2004 Annual IABMR Summer Retreat!
  Interested in joining IABMR? We now accept on-line memebership payment ...
 Aug 04, 2004 by: admin
Summary: IABMR has been growing successfully since becoming a registered association in Massachusetts two years ago. We would like to have your continuing support and participation and it is time to renew your IABMR membership!

This year, we have made it much easier to register or to renew - a secure online credit card payment system. It's quick, easy, and will only take a couple of minutes.

There are two types of IABMR memberships: Regular and Life-Time. Siimply click one of the two links below and follow the direction on the web page:

Option 1. Regular Annual Membership Renew: US $10.00 (Recurring every year)

Option 2. Life-Time IABMR Membership: US $100.00 (Single, one-time payment)

However, if you prefer regular way of payment, please send your membership due in personal check (indicating which type of membership to join/renew) to the following postal address:

PO Box 200087
Boston, MA 02120

  Check out today's biomedical seminars at IABMR
 Mar 18, 2004 by: george
Summary: We have implemented a new information service - "Today's Seminars" on our home page. Each day, it displays the current and upcoming biomedical seminars events provided by Whitehead Insitute's Biology Week Calendar. You can also search the Biology Week Seminars through the search function (the link is at the bottom of the Seminar Block).

Don't miss any of the seminars that you might be interested in, so come visit our web site everyday!
  2004 New Year Party and Symposium Photos!
 Mar 12, 2004 by: george
Summary: Thanks to Dr. Qiangzhong Ma, photos of the 2003 IABMR New Year Party as well as the IABMR-Harvard Symposium, are now available for viewing at our Gallery
If you are in any of the photos that you wish to have them removed from the Gallery, please contact George Chen by email at tchen @ forsyth.org
  Membership Application
 Jan 28, 2004 by: alee

To join IABMR:

1. Fill out the registration form

2. Send the registration form to us either by email (as an attachment, to registration@iabmr.org) or regular mail to:

P.O.Box 200087
Boston, MA 02120

3. Pay for your membership fee. There are two types of memberships - Regular and Life. You can pay either by personal check or online with your credit card through a PayPal account.

A. Regular annual membership fee: US$10

Click here to pay for your regular annual membership fee (single payment, non-recurring):

B. Life-Time Membership: US$100
Click this icon to pay for your Life Membership Fee (one time payment):

IF you are paying by check, please make the check payable to: IABMR, and send it together with your registration form to the address above.

If you have anyquestion regarding the membership application and payment, please send email to: info@abmr.org.

  The first public IABMR symposium was a great success!
 Jan 23, 2004 by: admin
Summary: The first publicly announced IABMR symposium, sponsored by Boston BioProducts and Quercegen, was held between 4 and 7pm on January 22nd, 2004 at the MEC Carl Walter Amphitheater, Harvard Medical School. More than 70 attendees enjoyed the Great talks, good food and enthusiastic discussions and chats. Big thanks to Drs. Taubman, Chen, and Wucherpfennig for their presentations and acceptance to be on the Advisory Committee as Honorary Members. Feedback can be sent to <info at="at"> or posted in our Discussion Forum.</info>
  How to become an IABMR sponsor?
 Jan 19, 2004 by: admin
  If you have exciting publications in biomedical area, please let us know, and we'll post your good news here
 Jan 14, 2004 by: admin
Summary: If you are interested in sharing your scientific publication or research results with the IABMR community, please contact us for a brief report. Please send your request to Dr. George Chen (tchen at forsyth.org).

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