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How to become an IABMR sponsor?

For a minimal amount of US$500, we'll be happy to put your company logo here on our web site (for the following year). A higher level of sponsorship will make your logo (with linkage to your company web site) appear sooner in our scrolling banner display block on our home page. Your company will also be acknowledged in the Annual Meeting Sponsors page. If you become a sponsor prior to our annual meeting (in early December), you will also be provided a product exhibition booth in the meeting venue. Selected sponsors may also have short presentation during the meeting.If you are interested in supporting IABMR or have any question regarding the IABMR sponsorship, please contact us by email at
To become a sponsor, click one of the following options:(payment is through a secure PayPal account using your credit card)
Platinum: US$5000 Gold: US$2000 Silver: US$1000 Bronze: US$500
Or if you would like to donate an amount that you specify, please click this button (New donors must verify their account before they can make a payment over $2,000.00 USD):

You can also send the donation in check - please download and fill out the IABMR Sponsorship Form (in pdf format) and send toegether with the check made payable to IABMR, to:

IABMR c/o Tsute Chen
The Forsyth Institute
140 Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

For detailed information about how to become an IABMR sponsor, please send email to The IABMR is a non-profit association. Donation made to us is eligible for tax exemption (tax exemption ID is available in the Sponsorship Form). Upon donation, please also send a logo image ofyour company to the above email address. If your logo is within the size of 300 x 60-80 pixels, it will be used directly; otherwise it'll be modified to fit these dimensions.

Posted on: Monday, January 19, 2004 - 06:20 AM; by: admin