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2007 IABMR New Year Party

It is the holiday season, which means it is PARTY TIME! LETS’ HAVE SOME FUN!

You and your family are all invited to our 2007 NEW YEAR PARTY. It is also our pleasure to let you know that we will have our party joined together with the Ballroom dance club from Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture, which means much more fun!

When: Saturday, January 6th, 2007, 6:30pm to 12:00pm

Where: Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture, 411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Building 2, Suite 214, Waltham, MA. 02452

Click here to view Google map and get driving directions

Dress code: Business casual is required; Formal or traditional party dress is encouraged


1. Dinner:

- Potluck dishes made by IABMR members and Ballroom dance club members

- Additional food plates will be provided by IABMR (order from a restaurant)

- Wine, beer, soft drink, and surprisingly SANGRIA will be provided by IABMR

2. Delicious Dish Competition:

We encourage every family bring one dish at least to participate this competition (no limit to bring more dishes because the vote for winner is based on each dish). Also, all the dish owners not only are the candidate for winner but also serve as judges.

1st place (one winner); gift value: $25.00

2nd place (three winners); gift value: $15.00 each.

3rd place (five winners); gift value: $10.00 each

3. Dancing: The Ballroom dance club will honorably present a group dancing performance and you will also have your own chance for a performance on the dance floor. Don’t forget to bring your dance dress and shoes.

4. Yankee Swap: We encourage every family bring in a gift with a value of $4-$5 for the Yankee Swap. You can swap once for each gift you bring in, and you can swap twice if you bring in two gifts. Fun/embarrassing gifts are encouraged.

5. Family show: good performance for you to laugh

6. Raffles: good stuff for you to win.

7. Other activities: Karaoke, card games and lots more fun for kids and family members.

Please mark you calendars! Hope to see you all at the party.

IABMR 2007 New Year Party Organization Committee

Chair: Kai Tao
Co-Chairs: Pu Zhang, Xuesong Gu, Yumei Zhan, Ron Vincent, and Bai-Lin Wu
Committee members: Jay Farkharzadeh, Shuying Yang, Zhen Xi,
George Chen, Wei Chen, Shilang Ma,

Posted on: Friday, December 22, 2006 - 02:32 PM; by: admin