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Jinxi Wang

Published on 4/23/2019

Jinxi Wang

Name: Jinxi Wang 

Contact Information

Dr. Jinxi Wang

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

University of Kansas Medical Center

3901 Rainbow Blvd., MS 3017

Kansas City, KS 66213

Tel: 913-588-0870

Fax: 913-588-0070 


Major research interests

(1) The mechanism for tissue-specific molecular and cellular responses to osteogenic factors.

(2) Novel molecular mechanisms and therapeutics for osteoarthritic joint degeneration. 

Recent publications

Wang J, Glimcher MJ, Mah J, Zhou HY,Salih E.  Expression of bone microsomal casein kinase II, bone sialoprotein, and osteopontin during the repair of calvarial defects.  Bone 1998; 22:621-628. 

Wu Y, Ackerman JL, Chesler DA, Li J, Neer RM, Wang J, Glimcher MJ.  Evaluation of bone mineral density using three dimensional solid state phosphorus-31 NMR projection imaging.  Calcif Tissue Int 1998; 62:512-518. 

Wang J, Kennedy JG, Kasser JR, Glimcher MJ, Salih E.  Novel biological property of purified native bone sialoprotein in bone repair of a calvarial defect.  Orthop Trans 1999; 22:951-952. 

Wang J, Mah J, Zhou HY, Glimcher MJ, Salih E.  Interrelationship Between bone microsomal casein kinase II, bone sialoprotein, osteopontin and mineral accumulation.    Orthop Trans 1999; 22:832-833. 

Wu Y, Chesler DA, Glimcher MJ, Garrido L, Wang J, Jiang HJ, Ackerman JL.  Multinuclear solid-state three-dimensional MRI of bone and synthetic calcium phosphates.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1999; 96:1574-1578. 

Wang J, Glimcher MJ.  Characterization of matrix-induced osteogenesis in rat calvarial    bone defects. Part I: Differences in the cellular response to demineralized bone matrix implanted in calvarial defects and n subcutaneous sites.  Calcif Tissue Int 1999; 65:156-165. 

Wang J, Glimcher MJ.  Characterization of matrix-induced osteogenesis in rat calvarial  bone defects.  Part II: Origins of bone forming cells.  Calcif Tissue Int 1999; 65:486-493. 

Ranger AM, Gerstenfeld LC, Wang J, Kon T, Bae H, Gravallese EM, Glimcher MJ, Glimcher  LH.  The Nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) transcription factor NFATp (NFATc2) is a repressor of chondrogenesis.  J Exp Med 2000; 191:9-21. 

Wang J.  Spatial orientation of the microscopic elements of cortical repair bone.  Clin Orthop  2000; 374:265-277. 

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MacLean HE, Kim JI, Glimcher MJ, Wang J, Kronenberg HM, Glimcher LH. Absense of transcription factor c-maf causes abnormal terminal differentiation of hypertrophic chondrocytes during endochondral bone development.  Dev Biol 2003; 262:51-63. 

Mah J, Hung J, Wang J, Salih E. The efficacy of various alloplastic bone grafts on the healing of rat calvarial defects.  European J Orthodontics 2004; 26: 475-482.

Wang J (corresponding author), Hai-Yan Zhou1, Erdjan Salih, Lan Xu, Livius Wunderlich, Xuesong Gu,  Jochen G. Hofstaetter,  Morie Torres,  Melvin J. Glimcher. (2006) Site-Specific In Vivo Calcification and Osteogenesis Stimulated by Bone Sialoprotein. Calcif Tissue Int  2006; 79:179-189. 

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Garimella R, Tague S, Zhang J, Belibi F, Nahar N, Sun B, Insogna K, Wang J, Anderson HC. Expression and synthesis of bone morphogenetic proteins by osteoclasts: A possible path to anabolic bone remodeling. J Histochem Cytochem 2008; 56:569-77. 

Hofstaetter JG, Wang J, Yan J, Glimcher MJ The effects of alendronate in the treatment of experimental osteonecrosis of the hip in adult rabbits. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 2009; 17:362-70.